Meet Our Team

With a standing team, network of experienced freelance lawyers and business consultants, we build teams that match your needs, bringing together lawyers of the highest calibre with technical knowledge, industry experience and know-how to create a bespoke team to best meet the needs of each client.
We have built trusted relationships with advisers and other professionals and we use our network as widely as we can to support our clients and assist in their growth.

Ifeoluwa Duro-Bello


Ifeoluwa specializes in corporate commercial law and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to protecting client’s rights and managing corporate interests.

Adebare Akinwunmi


Adebare is an evolving and strategic minded Legal Practitioner with progressive experience in commercial law, litigation, arbitration, alternate dispute resolution (ADR), Fintech, entrepreneurship, business strategy and development.

Adebayo Fabamise

Managing Partner

Adebayo is an innovative and solution-driven Legal Practitioner with a broad legal background and experience in Regulatory Compliance, Dispute Resolution, Legal Drafting, Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Succession Planning.

Celine O. Eleh


Celine Eleh is a vibrant and tenacious Lawyer with vast experience in Commercial, Civil, Property and Criminal Litigation. She has accrued substantial beneficial work experience over the years with respect to Litigation which helped her rise to the status of a Deputy Consultant at the Law Chambers of the Orisalades.

Oduduabasi Ituen


Ituen is a qualified Legal Practitioner with years of experience in Litigation, Legal Drafting, Commercial Law, Election Petition, Matrimonial Causes, Fundamental Rights, Enforcement Procedure, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), Real Estate transactions and Regulatory Compliance.

Francis Ololuo


Francis is a solution-oriented legal practitioner with wide experience and skills in Corporate/Commercial, Intellectual Property (IP), Privacy & Data Protection, Technology, Media and Entertainment Law.