Company Profile

CrestHall At A Glance

CrestHall Attorneys is a boutique technology law firm located in Lagos, Nigeria.

CrestHall Attorneys is a firm of external, specialist technology lawyers stepping up to the vital role of supporting the in-house legal function at tech innovation companies by providing legal services geared towards catering to all legal, business and advisory needs generated by technology Companies.

Specializing in Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Company Secretarial, Intellectual Property and Data Protection; and handles both start-up and established companies. In addition to CrestHall Attorneys’ technology practice, we also offer public interest legal work at subsidized rates to help impoverished or marginalized people and to effect change in social policies in the public interest. The technology practice allows the firm to provide public interest organizations legal help at the cost of overhead.

Our Mission Statement

Nigeria’s tech start-ups have grown across industries including Financial Technology (FinTech), Health Tech, Edu Tech, Edu Culture, Job training, Agriculture, Travel, and e-commerce. Creating products and services that address the challenges of the Country’s developing infrastructure.

With the growth of technology and its impact on every aspect of business, the practice of law in Nigeria has to evolve to keep pace. However, many law firms are still built around serving the needs of a prior generation of clients. We believe that a modern business and technology law firm must be fully aligned with its clients. We aim to use technology and advanced processes to share information seamlessly, enabling us to understand our clients’ business and develop efficient, cost-effective and successful strategies.

With regulatory change often necessitating technical development, it is a practical reality that lawyers must be involved from the outset of a project to ensure its compliance with matters legal, ethical and regulatory.


Our services include

  • Start-up Law
  • Technology law services.
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Services
  • Financial Crime Law
  • Digital Assets
  • General Legal Advisory

Our Invoicing and Payment Policy

We understand that the traditional model of charging all clients, large and small, the same hourly rate is not always optimal. Due to the fact that we use technology to promote efficiency and keep our overhead low, we have the flexibility to offer different clients different fee structures.

Depending on the circumstances and scope of engagement, we can provide our clients with a variety of alternative options including recurring subscriptions, project-based fees, deferred fees payable on closings of financing and other transactions, reduced fees, volume discounts, and equity incentives.

Social Responsibility Policy

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business. We are committed to being a sustainable global law firm which delivers positive impacts for our employees, clients, profession, environment and the communities in which we are based. We understand that Law firms and their lawyers, have a key role to play in addressing the disparities of finance, power, opportunity, and knowledge rampant in the Nigerian legal system. It is not from a sense of charity, in which lawyers must work with their specialized knowledge and training for a public good, ‘but rather one of professional responsibility, reinforced by the terms under which the state has granted to the profession effective control of the legal system.

Pro-Bono: An understanding of external and community-oriented factors, to which a pro bono practice is central. Lawyers at the firm are assigned mandatory pro bono targets as this is necessary for the development of a robust non-governmental pro bono infrastructure.

Diversity and Inclusion: It is the ethical responsibility of law firms to provide a diverse, open and non-discriminatory working environment, with fair and transparent policies and practices of recruitment, retention, remuneration and recognition of merit. Balanced work-life reflects fair treatment and respect for individuals by a law firm. It is also a business imperative of the firm due to its direct impact on improving employee productivity and performance.

Transparency: Ethical practices that correlate to the economic factors, measures relating to anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and insider trading must be advocated and strictly applied to prevent detrimental and unethical practices. Provide clients with all the necessary information to allow them to make informed decisions about the services they need, how it will be handled, the likely overall cost and the options available to them.

Confidentiality: Protection of confidential information is a fundamental feature of a lawyer and firm’s relationship with clients and this duty continues despite the end of the retainer.

Sustainable Business: Maximise the potential for electronic software as a substitute for paper documents, ensuring that hard copies are required only when absolutely necessary, such as for court documents.