Celine Eleh is a vibrant and tenacious Lawyer with vast experience in Commercial, Civil, Property and Criminal Litigation. She has accrued substantial beneficial work experience over the years with respect to Litigation which helped her rise to the status of a Deputy Consultant at the Law Chambers of the Orisalades.

Celine is a certified mediator and her ability to communicate on a professional level with clients coupled with her desire for sustaining cordial human relations has helped her settle numerous conflicts through mediation.

As a self-driven individual with an innate flair for providing civic education and implementing positive mindset changes to people within her community, she spearheads various education forums including a singles and married forum at her Catholic Church in Lagos State, where she educate both singles and married people on how their decisions could affect their immediate families and the people around them while encouraging them to make substantial social changes aimed at improving the general welfare of the community.